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Our Performance Solutions

Learn How to Optimize Your Team’s Performance




1. To estimate officially the value of…
2. To fix or determine the amount of…​
3. To estimate or judge the value, character, etc., of something

As performance consultants, we are sticklers for feedback. Feedback tells us how we’re doing, where we are, and how far off from our goals our present position is. Think of assessments as a Global Positioning System (GPS). Like the real GPS, a U.S.-owned utility that provides users with positioning, navigation, and timing services, our assessments help our clients discover where they are.

We know; we turned a simple description into a nerd moment. Seriously though, we believe you can’t know where you’re going without a starting point. Our assessments allow you to discover where you are before we plot the course for where you want to be and what it’ll take to get there.




1. To subject to a process of vaporization and subsequent condensation.
2. To concentrate or purify
3. To extract the essential elements or refine something

Between meetings, sales calls, emails, children’s recitals, and Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), who has time to read anymore?

Our publications are distilled so that the most essential and practical elements are available for your immediate application. One of our books provides you with 50 books worth of content in 89 pages that you can read 15 minutes a day over 12 days. Now, come on: isn’t that something you can do during commercials as you watch DWTS?


ProPersonal® Coaching


1. To give instruction or advice

Even the world’s best athletes have coaches… Why? Because coaching supports the achievement of extraordinary goals and sustains life-changing behavior.

How? Accountability. Powerful Questions. Strategic Thinking. Collaboration.

As smart as many of us are, we can’t watch ourselves as we play the game of our lives. Having a coach who can observe, critique, and guide our effort, tactics, and critical thinking is essential for improved effort, tactics, and critical thinking. Essentially, a coach uncovers our blindspots so that we live more authentically and unapologetically.

Oh, and then there’s that valuable thing called Support. We need friends and family to celebrate our wins; we need a coach to help us recalibrate and learn after our losses.


ProPersonal® Events


1. Chemistry. A substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected
2. A person or thing that precipitates an event or change

There’s so much power in community.

We believe that, as an organization, we exist to precipitate change.

We are passionate about accelerating change and growth in ourselves and in others.

Our events are geared towards catalysts; those annoying people that don’t just believe that things can be better, they actively engage so that things will be better.

These spaces we create for our events are crucibles: places where concentrated forces meet to enable change.


ProPersonal® Development

Training? Development? Or Training & Development?
Who cares?!

We do!

Training is the process of teaching someone a new skill.

Development is the process of getting people to use the skills they already have more effectively.

Now, which would you prefer for yourself or your staff?

What if you could have the best of both worlds? Learning and sharpening skills AND mastery of how to use these skills?

That’s what we do with all our programs.

We take current attitudes, skills, and knowledge (ASK), add specific goals and positive behavioral change to bring about improved individual and organizational results.


Peerless Presentations® & Keynotes

What do you remember most about the last speaker you listened to?

Exactly! It wasn’t about the speaker; it was about you!

It’s how the speaker made you feel.

Our approach is, borrowing from our good friend Dr. Steven Beebe, Audience-Centered.

It’s not about us; it’s about everyone in the audience that entrusts us with their time.

Dr. Makai’s humorous, down-to-earth, yet energetic delivery has made him a favorite at conferences, corporate events, and roundtables. When you engage Kozhi, your event is guaranteed a content-rich presentation delivered with conviction, passion, and expertise. Not only will Kozhi tailor the presentation to your theme, he infuses rich examples from his international travel, professional basketball career, years of experience working with executives, managers, and teams, and, yes, lots of nerdy tidbits.

The result?

Your audience will carry with them a lasting impression and compulsion to focus on results-oriented approaches to staying competitive in a volatile market.