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Our History

Learn How to Optimize Your Team’s Performance

Circa 2000

Our story began in 2000 when two things happened to Kozhi, then a college sophomore:

First, his boss in admission at North Harris College (now Lone Star College – North Harris) asked him to speak to high school students touring the college. “Severo said, ‘Don’t clock out when you go to the fine arts building to speak,’” Kozhi recalls. He couldn’t decide if Severo had lost his mind or there was some mistake. There wasn’t a mistake, because this was the first time Kozhi was paid to speak.

Second, after changing his major from Engineering Design Graphics Technology to Architecture to Math, Kozhi took his first communication studies course and the deal was sealed.

That year, The Lectern was born…

(Yes, that’s Kozhi’s silhouette behind the podium).

Over the next six years, Kozhi decided to adapt his education to match his professional ambitions, ensuring his career ran parallel with his education as he focused on refining his presentation style and becoming a scholar-practitioner. His speaking engagements took him to Africa, Western Europe, the West Indies, Caribbean, and across the United States as he shared his message of achievement.

Circa 2006

After completing his doctoral research, Kozhi focused on taking his refined process of achievement and performance away from the podium and focusing his message with small groups within organizations. Armed with practical experiences, having completed his BA, MA, and PhD in 5.4 years, and the science of performance and achievement, the focus turned to meeting the needs of organizations and individuals within their day-to-day lives at work.

We evolved that year from The Lectern and became Kozhi Makai Worldwide…

With a focus on communication and human development, we served our clients primarily through executive coaching, private training and development processes, and public events.

Circa 2015

As we encourage our clients to do the same, we’ve evolved into an idea studio focused on serving executive teams and the human resource function to optimize their team.

This evolution led to fine-tuning our process to workforce optimization and performance improvement. As markets demand more from organizational leaders and staff alike, our clients need more strategic direction to increase efficiencies and take performance to higher levels.

Circa 2017 and beyond…

As we enter our 18th year, we continue to partner with our clients to serve as an outside ear and voice as they make decisions that impact people, profits, and the planet.

Our focus is to help clients go From Potential to Performance® by helping them to identify their Strengths, recognize their Opportunities, articulate their Aspirations, and stay focused on Results – this, we have found, permits our clients to SOAR…