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Women everywhere have given up on the prospect of finding “the good guy.” Good guys everywhere have given up on themselves after hearing women give up. While “good guys” and “good women” are becoming increasingly harder to find, Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai offers glimmers of hope to the discouraged. He takes us through memories—some pleasant, some painful—of relationships in his own life, with the desire for all of us to learn from his experiences. Far from being tightly formal, Dr. Makai speaks directly to us in a wise, but youthful tone of how to determine if a potential partner is worth fighting for. Various references to popular media and motivational speakers and writers keep us on our toes and prove that inspiration and encouragement can be found everywhere by simply looking closely enough. Our I Dos Were… Different is all at once hilarious, poignant, personal, and ultimately enriching.


Puzzle Pieces takes the reader on a journey; an adventure of self-discovery. In this dynamite-sized book, we learn the delicate dichotomy of verbal and nonverbal communication. We learn how each nonverbal posts billboard-style messages to our partners; messages that we may, unwittingly, be sending. In his usual conversational tone, Dr. Makai shares insights into what the common communications between partners should look like – depending on the message that we wish to send. With a healthy dose of communication theory supporting his perspective, Dr. Makai weaves practical applications of communication into the fabric of our daily interactions…turning mere communication into shared meaning.


From a remarkable mind comes Born Beating the Odds, an insightful page turner that allows you to see that your past and present trials and disappointments are merely stepping stones leading to your personal and professional goals. Dr. Makai reminds us all that we can change our pain to power and our disappointments to drive. Born Beating the Odds is sure to give you new insight to your pathway to success.


How Can I Come Up? is a treatise on higher level living, in which Dr. Makai takes the idea of being endowed with greatness and weaves it into a weapon for perpetual self-renewal. Using his experience as a public speaker, former premier league and all-nation basketball player, scholar and professor, he takes the simple principle of divine endowment and makes it the impetus for success higher level living.


From award-winning research comes Culture & Leadership. According to Dr. Makai’s research, aid organizations insisting that recipients adopt western leadership, management, governance, and cultural values as a precondition for aid are facing pushback and failure because they fail to account for cultural orientation of recipient nations. Western assumptions are challenged with aid organizations given viable alternatives that incorporate recipient nation’s cultural orientation. The research is the winner of the Social Change Conference’s Social Change Award.